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Fortinet and Wiz form strategic alliance to improve cloud security

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Fortinet, a global leader in cybersecurity, and cloud security leader, Wiz, have solidified a new partnership, underscoring their commitment to protecting enterprise cloud workload environments. This strategic alliance promises to merge the strengths of both companies, targeting cloud-native security enhancements for their shared customer base.

Fortinet’s new partnership with Wiz is a substantial addition to its already extensive “open ecosystem.” This alliance would not only position Wiz as an important partner in the Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program, but also integrate Fortinet in the Wiz Integration (WIN) program.

John Maddison, CMO of Fortinet
“The new integration will add value to our joint enterprise customers and enable them to seamlessly protect cloud workload environments,” said John Maddison, chief marketing officer, Fortinet.

The two entities have collaboratively formulated an innovative solution, designed to equip businesses with network security from Fortinet and cloud security from Wiz. The synergies formed would enable their joint customers to effectively strengthen their cloud infrastructure and workloads.

John Maddison, chief marketing officer of Fortinet (Marketing director) and executive vice president of product strategy, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting: “Our integration will bring immense value to our joint enterprise customer base, giving them the tools to seamlessly secure cloud workload environments. The partnership with Wiz strengthens our open ecosystem and sets a new benchmark for securing applications across different clouds.

Echoing this sentiment, Raaz Herzberg, VP of Product Strategy at Wizemphasized the importance of unity in their mission: “Teaming up with an industry titan like Fortinet reinforces the potential of a combined strategy. This partnership ensures that security teams are better equipped to respond quickly to various requirements, thereby adding more value across organizations and paving the way for a revamped cloud operating model.

Dig Deeper: Integration Details

The collaboration would leverage the strengths of Wiz’s ability to analyze every layer of cloud infrastructure. It quickly identifies and mitigates all cloud application risks. The new Fortinet integration would leverage the deep insights offered by Wiz in the cloud domains. This allows Fortinet Security Fabric to incorporate these details, leading to the automation of security protocols that protect cloud ecosystems for their joint customers.

The integration would ensure that Fortinet’s solutions, such as FortiGate VM and FortiGate CNF, have the ability to restrict or allow specific traffic to virtual machines (VMs) in cloud configurations. One of the striking characteristics is the autonomy granted to customers: they have the freedom to establish their automation rules within the Wiz framework, which offers unrivaled flexibility and tailor-made solutions. Both parties plan to introduce more integrations and use cases as the collaboration matures.

An overview of the programs: Fortinet Fabric-Ready and WIN

THE Fortinet The Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program is a global initiative that fosters a collaborative environment for global technology partners with niche expertise. It expands resources and tools, facilitating integration with the open Fortinet ecosystem. The main goal is to jointly develop end-to-end security solutions, all under the umbrella of the industry-leading Fortinet Security Fabric.

On another side, Wiz Integrations (WIN) presents a panoramic view of tools, data, and processes, aiming to keep everyone from developers to security teams in sync. Its extensive catalog of technology partner integrations covers various cloud security categories. This would enable teams to collaborate more easily and effectively manage security risks.

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