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Exclusive agreement between Networks and Arqit Ink on Quantum-Safe encryption technology

Arqit Quantum Stand

Exclusive Networks North America, a global network cyber security expert in digital infrastructure, and Arqit Quantum, provider of quantum secure encryption, announced a distribution agreement for Arqit’s symmetric key agreement platform. Both companies are listed on Nasdaq, under the symbols ARQQ and ARQQW.

IT partners now have the opportunity to sell this “revolutionary” technology developed by Arqit, which protects against existing and future cyberattacks, including the risk posed by quantum computing, as Exclusive networks adds the company to its portfolio of industry-leading suppliers.

According to the companies, the use of “store now, decrypt later” attacks by cyber adversaries presents a clear and present risk to organizations, as these attacks include data hoarding. encrypted data with a view to opening it up with the arrival of quantum computing.

By the use of ArqitThrough ‘s symmetric key agreement platform, end customers have the ability to streamline and strengthen their encryption, moving away from complex public key infrastructure and the need to trust third parties in favor of a cloud-optimized platform and a global network of interconnected devices.

Symmetric Key Chord Platform

According to David Williams, founder, president and CEO of Arqit“We are delighted to partner with Exclusive networks North America, making our first-of-its-kind symmetric key agreement platform available to their roster of industry-leading partners. In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses must take immediate action to simplify and improve their encryption, protect their data and remove the quantum threat from their risk registers – to effectively defend against the growing dangers posed by cybercriminals .

“As organizations drive their digital transformation, they need to have confidence in the cybersecurity solutions available in the market,” said Brian Vincik, Senior Vice President of Exclusive North American networks. “Arqit is the industry leader in quantum encryption, and its solutions and services offer protection against today’s cyber dangers while also providing a line of defense against the quantum attacks of the future. Exclusive Networks is excited to provide its US partners Arqit’s innovative technology as part of our proven and efficient technological ecosystem.

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