Ethereum Whistleblower To Reveal Proof Of ETH Founders’ Fraud

Amid the ongoing Ethereum scandal, Steven Nerayoff, former Ethereum advisor and lawyer recently revealed how it planned to share proof of Ethereum founders’ fraudulent activities in the early days of the cryptocurrency asset.

Fraudulent acts of Ethereum founders will be prosecuted

Following an X (formerly Twitter) job by user Heidi of Crytotips, the crypto enthusiast was seen trying to point out the lack of authenticity in Nerayoff’s claims. According to her, her accusations were obvious because the disclosure lacked evidence of her accusations.

However, Nerayoff, in response to the video, claimed that he never claimed his accusations were going to appear in the disclosure, highlighting the crypto enthusiast’s lack of proper research. He further added that he will expose the fraudulent acts of the founders in his trial.

Nerayoff had always noted that his registration was not actually linked to his accusations but rather to his involvement with Vitalik Buterin. “The recording is not directly linked to the fraud, but it will shed light on much of what was happening and show my involvement. Fraud will be the subject of the trial,” Nerayoff said.

Additionally, the crypto expert also highlighted Nerayoff’s accusations towards federal agencies. According to her, the former advisor was a little paranoid with his accusations.

During an spaceNerayoff accused certain senior federal agencies of fabricating evidence against him in order to Put it out. These include the SEC, FBI, and DOJ.

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However, in response to this, Nerayoff claimed that this had indeed been proven and publicly deposed. “Paranoia about agencies? Well, it’s actually proven and publicly filed,” Nerayoff said.

The crypto asset is not decentralized from the start

It appears that Nerayoff’s claims regarding ETH the fact of not having been decentralized from the first days is authentic.

The post also saw the crypto enthusiast highlight Nerayoff’s claims that ETH was not decentralized all along. According to her, cryptocurrencies should not be decentralized from the start and only members of the core team know about a crypto asset from the start.

If the expert is right, that essentially means Will Hinman’s 2017 speech about decentralizing the asset from the start was inaccurate.

In the early days of the asset, Hinman asserted the decentralized nature of ETH, when it was considered a security by the SEC. According to him, ETH was too decentralized to be considered a security.

So far, the two founders have still not responded to Nerayoff’s accusations. Nerayoff believes their silence is due to the evidence he has against them.

“Vitalik and Lubin are vicious if they have influence. Lubin told me in July 2018 about a network “That’s centralized bullshit” right after Hinman’s speech! They stay silent because I’m going to file other receipts”, Nerayoff declared.

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