Elon Musk Has Owned Twitter for a Year. Let’s Talk About How It’s Going

Pierre Kafka: You have everything.

Lauren Goode: What is your favorite part of the episode?

Pierre Kafka: Well, it’s a very intimate joke. Has anyone here heard of a Cheetah Girl? Anybody? No.

Kate Knibbs: Aren’t they like a Disney channel, yeah.

Pierre Kafka: Thank you, Kate. We had a long debate about whether we could reference the Cheetah Girls without further explanation.

Lauren Goode: There were so many notes exchanged about: “Do we leave this in? Do we take this? Cheetah Girl? Former Disney star Cheetah Girl?” I don’t even know what we landed on. I’m just going to do what the producers decide. Yes.

Pierre Kafka: I literally don’t know. We’ll find out tomorrow.

Kate Knibbs: It’s really embarrassing to admit that I know this, but didn’t Rob Kardashian have a long-term relationship with a Cheetah Girl?

Lauren Goode: I just learned about this yesterday because Peter dropped something on me and I was like, “OK, that’s good to know. More context.” Yes, Rob Kardashian dated one.

Kate Knibbs: It’s a little disturbing to me that it stays in my brain. I’m like, “Oh yeah, sure. Adrienne the Cheetah Girl.

Lauren Goode: Peter, it looks like you picked the wrong co-host for this episode. Obviously you should have gone with Kate.

Pierre Kafka: I just liked that the three of us made recommendations and overlapped, in terms of things we’ve been consuming recently.

Lauren Goode: It’s rather good.

Pierre Kafka: It was great.

Lauren Goode: Yeah. The mind merges-

Kate Knibbs: I’m going to watch your movie, Mike. I’m going to watch your film.

Lauren Goode: GOOD. The mind merges, it happens. Despite the absence of Twitter, the mingling of minds is still underway. Peter, Kate, thank you so much for joining us on this week’s episode of Gadget Lab. It’s great to have you in the lab.

Pierre Kafka: Thanks guys.

Kate Knibbs: THANKS.

Lauren Goode: Mike, thanks as always for being a great co-host.

Michael Calore: Thanks as always for being a great co-host.

Lauren Goode: And thank you all for listening. If you have any comments, you can find us all on Twitter.

Michael Calore: Toot us.

Lauren Goode: Mastodon, Bluesky, Threads. Just check the show notes. Boone will link to us. Besides, our producer is the excellent Boone Ashworth. Goodbye for now and we’ll be back next week.

[Gadget Lab outro theme music plays]

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