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EdgeConneX debuts in Malaysia with 300 MW of data center capacity

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

With plans to build high-powered data centers that will deliver nearly 300 MW of combined capacity, EdgeConneX, a pioneer in global hyperlocal to hyperscale data center solutions, announces its entry into the Malaysian market. Located at strategic locations across Malaysia, the new building EdgeConneX Data Centers in Cyberjaya, Bukit Jalil and the Kuala Lumpur central business district would provide flatsharing customers with the flexibility to create highly personalized configurations.

One of Asia’s strongest economies, Malaysia is poised for continued growth thanks to significant investments in information technology and infrastructure. This growth would be aided by a greater focus on digitalization and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

The country’s extensive network connectivity, scalable and easily accessible electricity, multiple port cities, and connections to 22 undersea cables that provide low-latency access to other countries around the world are all said to contribute to its high-tech boom.

“Strong demand for scalable, high-capacity infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region is fueling EdgeConneX expansion in Malaysia,” said Kelvin Fong, EdgeConneX Managing Director for APAC. “Our presence in Malaysia will support the country’s thriving IT environment, digital economy and dynamic progress, encouraging more innovations and cooperative businesses. We plan to build on our mutual success in the region and help our clients expand their operations in Malaysia.

Head of Research at Structure Research, Jabez Tan, said: “The Malaysian market is attractive due to its proximity to the Singaporean connectivity ecosystem. Additionally, businesses in Malaysia will be able to connect to the rest of the APAC region from a single location through access to the highly aggregated submarine cable system. For a wide range of today’s workloads, such proximity avoids performance degradation.

Malaysia Data Center Information

The Central Business District (CBD) of Kuala Lumpur – Distinguished by its privileged central position, the data center should be built in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the contemporary capital of Malaysia, in the downtown business district. This facility, with an IT load capacity of 19 MW, will offer customers numerous options for very close, low-latency solutions to the capital, as well as bespoke and custom-designed configurations.

Located in the affluent Bukit Jalil district of Kuala Lumpur, this area is home to several medical, technical and educational establishments. This new ground EdgeConneX Data Centerlocated in MRANTI Technology Park, has a capacity of around 70 MW for IT load, which is more than enough to manage large and hyperscale cloud or artificial intelligence installations.

Cyberjaya – Located close to the government capital of Malaysia, Cyberjaya is home to many high-tech science parks and is located in an area dedicated to research and development of knowledge-based industry. Nine buildings spread across 30 acres will comprise the EdgeConneX data center complex, with a capacity of more than 200 MW. This scalable capacity and power will enable the site to meet a wide range of future customer needs.

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