DoggoRamps Couch Ramp Review: A Well-Built Ramp


It was the sound I often heard when my dog, Tobu, I jumped out of bed and ran to the front door to greet my wife. When she entered the room, he would raise his paws, Looney Tunes style, and jump on the bed, asking for well-deserved pets.

All that jumping and thumping probably wasn’t good for his joints, so years ago we bought him a cheap foam staircase so he could climb it. Problem solved! Aside from the fact that this thing was ugly, the fabric got dirty quickly and he often slipped off the bed when he reached the top.

Then I got the DoggoRamp test. We used it almost all year round. Yes, this wooden ramp is expensive, especially compared to anything else you can find on Soft. But it’s attractive! I want my bedroom furniture to look nice, and not like a raccoon just broke in and stepped on everything. It works with dogs of different sizes, has an adjustable height, can be stored away, and is also a little better for their joints. Best of all, it’s very easy to clean. If cat owners can have fancy cat furnitureI think it’s right to splurge on your pup too.

Rise to power

DoggoRamps makes different types of ramps: for beds and sofas, and even a stair rail. I tested the Walnut Couch Ramp and used it for my bed. The other options seem to take up a lot more space in my already cramped bedroom, so I’m happy to report that the sofa ramp allows my dog ​​to easily get on and off the bed (which sits at a height of 24 inches). ). Just expect a few stubbed toes the first few weeks as you get used to your space.

It’s made of solid maple hardwood sourced from the United States and Canada, supports up to 150 pounds, and has a rubbery surface for traction. The company recently introduced a guardrail add-on for added safety. I like that it comes fully assembled; all you need to do is adjust the height using the adjustment mechanism located under the ramp.

The non-slip surface and sturdy construction are two strong points of Tiffany Durzi, veterinarian and department manager at Ontario Veterinary College Fitness and Rehabilitation Department, says to look in a ramp. A dog’s paws can sink into a soft foam staircase, which can potentially put some pressure on their paws to move to the next step, which is not a problem on a solid ramp. The non-slip surface makes it easy to grip and I’ve never had my dog ​​slip off the DoggoRamp.

Durzi says stairs can be good exercise for pets, but ramps are recommended after orthopedic surgeries and for pets with mobility issues. She says there is “no evidence to suggest that using ramps early in life can help from a mobility perspective,” aside from simply getting your dog used to using one. . Anyway, my dog ​​walks up our stairs several times a day, so he gets plenty of exercise. My main concern was the jumping and falling he does getting in and out of our raised bed. The ramp was a wonderfully elegant solution.

Dog walking on the DoggoRamp sofa ramp

Photography: Julian Chokkattu

Dog lying on the bed with the DoggoRamp in front of him

Photography: Julian Chokkattu

It may take some time for your puppy to get used to it. Durzi recommends being patient and slow, and using positive reinforcement techniques like treats to attract them. My wife and I placed treats on the ramp and encouraged him to climb, rewarding Tobu with every step. Slowly but surely, after a few days, it started going up and down on its own. Be careful, Tobu doesn’t always come down – sometimes he THANKS…but it’s not as common as it used to be. He rarely went down the foam stairs.

Clean as a whistle

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that part of the reason I love the DoggoRamp is because of its looks. I’ve been slowly eliminating old, cheap furniture that I bought when I was broke (I donate to people who want it!), while also upgrading some pieces to create a cohesive look in my home. The walnut sofa rail fits easily with the aesthetic of my room and is much more attractive than the cheap foam staircase I had before. After almost a year of use, it looks practically new. All I have to do is wipe the surface occasionally with a damp cloth to remove some pet hair. No more unsightly dirt stains.

These hardwood ramps aren’t suitable for every room or every person: They’re expensive, take up more space than their foam counterparts, and you’ll stub your shins or toes when the room is dark. But my dog ​​runs up and down now to get on the bed, and it gives me a little more peace of mind when I hear those footsteps instead of a I think.

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