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Does Reddit have a dark mode?

Dark mode is a comfort-enhancing, eye-strain-reducing, and energy-saving feature that’s increasingly appearing on mobile apps and websites. Is Reddit one of them?

Many devices and platforms offer a dark mode feature, in which instead of conventional dark text appearing on a light screen, light-colored text – usually white – appears on a dark or black screen. On the other hand, most phones and apps use this “lighting mode” as the default option.


Dark mode minimizes the amount of light emitted by the device’s displays while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios needed for reading. Dark settings are available on iPhones and Android phones. However, some apps will require you to manually enable dark mode.

If you’re a Reddit user, you may be wondering if there’s a way to save power (and therefore battery life), minimize eye strain, and improve comfort when you surf your favorite subreddits using dark mode.

Does Reddit have a dark mode feature?

Not only does Reddit have a “dark mode” feature, but it was also one of the first social media and entertainment apps to do so. Users often even post memes that are more pleasing to the eye.

Additionally, Reddit offers a number of options that can be used to customize the appearance of its dark mode. You have the option to enable automatic dark mode, which can be set to “off”, “depending on your operating software settings” or “sunrise/sunset”, which will change your theme depending on it’s night or day.

When you enable dark mode, you can choose from a variety of dark themes, including “night” and “midnight (AMOLED)”, in addition to the standard on/off switch. AMOLED is only available on devices that support this premium feature, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, if you prefer Reddit’s clean theme, theme alternatives are also available here. You have the option to choose from the colors “Alien Blue”, “Mint”, “Pony” or “Trees”.

The ability to customize a Reddit theme is significantly higher than that available on other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How to enable dark mode on Reddit

So, now that you know that Reddit does indeed have a dark mode, how do you go about enabling it and setting your exact preferences? Fortunately, it’s extremely simple: just follow these steps:

On mobile:

  1. Open the app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap your user icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the Settings option at the bottom left corner of the menu.
  4. Scroll down a bit to the Dark Mode settings.
  5. Set automatic dark mode to follow your operating system settings or enable “dark mode”.
  6. To change the dark theme, toggle between “Night” and “Midnight,” depending on your preference.

On PC or Mac

  1. Go to the Reddit website and log in.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of your username in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Access display options
  4. Enable dark mode.

Unfortunately, there are fewer options for how dark mode works on PC and Mac. However, some Google Chrome extensions might give you a few more options.

Benefits of Using Dark Mode on Reddit

Dark mode is an additional mode that can be used to display largely dark areas on the user interface. The design decreases the amount of light radiated by the device’s displays while maintaining the color contrast ratios needed for reading.

Dark mode has the following benefits: it improves visual usability by reducing eye fatigue, allowing displays to adapt to current lighting conditions, and making it easier to use at night or in a dark environment.

It also saves battery power, allowing users to use their devices for extended periods of time without having to charge them. Dark mode theme, like Reddit, can be turned on and off using a toggle symbol clearly visible on the screen. It can also be found in the application settings or in the menu choices.

Here are all the benefits of using dark mode on Reddit:

  • Blue light and flicker are reduced by dark mode, reducing eye strain in most cases.
  • Because light text is displayed on a dark background, readability is improved, reducing any eye strain that may be caused by dark text on a light background.
  • Particularly if your device uses an OLED or AMOLED display, dark mode saves power, which is good for the planet, your energy bill, and your device’s battery life.

So not only does dark mode look better, it also offers real advantages over standard light mode.

Disadvantages of using dark mode on Reddit

There are some downsides though, as there are with most things. Although there are several advantages to using this feature, there are also a few disadvantages to consider:

  • Under certain conditions, dark mode can actually cause more eye strain. If you’re in a brighter environment, white text on a dark background may appear blurrier and make it a little harder for your eyes to focus.
  • Some users report that longer posts aren’t as easy to read in dark mode as in light mode on Reddit. The longer the text becomes, the more the writing seems to blur a little. Personally, I haven’t experienced this yet.

If your preference is dark mode, you will probably have noticed that more and more applications are implementing this feature, especially on mobile devices. Besides Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and even Android and iOS operating systems offer it.

When browsing the web, it’s possible to find a dark mode for websites that don’t even offer their own dark mode functionality, thanks to Chrome extensions and the like. For example, this article was written in Google Drive using a Dark Mode For Google Docs extension.

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