Diligent One allows users to analyze and report disparate data from any information source.

Diligent announced Diligent One, a platform that provides executives, boards and practitioners with a single source for all their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) needs.

Over the past six months, Diligent has launched reporting dashboards for boards and executives for ESG, audit, cyber risk and investor engagement to provide clear insight and consistent risk posture of organizations. With Diligent One, users have the ability to customize and create dashboards using company data and systems.

Combined with Diligent’s governance, risk, compliance, audit and ESG solutions, clients now have a connected view of risk management and the ability to capture and contextualize data and information and reporting to the board of directors, all within a single platform.

“To get the big picture, you have to start with the data. Yet this data is often found in spreadsheets or across a number of systems accessed by many different applications. This is where the risk lies: in the unconnected points and spaces between siled systems,” said Brian Stafford, President and CEO of Diligent. “In our conversations with our customers over the years, the one constant is that they are inundated with data and solutions. That’s why we’re so excited to offer our customers the only platform on the market that provides a single source of truth for all your GRC needs.

“In today’s rapidly changing business environment, having access to high-quality governance data is critical to understanding and meeting the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders,” said Lili Mehta, executive vice president and global head of Glass Lewis’ corporate operations. “Directors and executives now need a unified view of their data so they can analyze and report more effectively to their stakeholders. By providing meaningful information, businesses can proactively manage a wide range of issues and maintain a competitive advantage.

Diligent One provides automated analyzes of virtually any data and provides continuous monitoring of identified risk areas, enabling organizations to reduce manual work, generate actionable insights, and expand risk coverage while saving time and money.

“The risk landscape is expanding and evolving at an increasing rate, and understanding the specific risks that could have a significant impact on the business has consequently become more difficult,” said Adam Bailey, executive vice president and global head of product at Diligent. “A fragmented approach to GRC is no longer viable for organizations. An integrated platform is essential to provide the information needed to drive business performance and ensure operational health.

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