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CyrusOne to create seventh data center campus in Frankfurt

CyrusOne Frankfurt Data Center - FRA7

International data center developer/operator CyrusUn announced plans to establish its seventh data center campus in Frankfurt, Germany, called FRA7. This demonstrates CyrusOne’s commitment to European development and a sustainable future. The new colocation facility will be located on a 63,000 square meter property in Frankfurt Westside, a large 73-hectare mixed-use revitalization project overseen by BEOS AG and Swiss Life Asset Managers Deutschland GmbH.

CyrusOne was chosen as a preferred partner after an extensive selection process, in line with BEOS’ mission to promote innovation, creativity and progress. With nine data rooms spread across two three-story buildings and a powerful capacity of 81 megawatts when it begins operations, the next colocation facility is expected to utilize CyrusOne’s data center architecture expertise. In doing so, it would exceed the objectives set for the next ten years by the European directive on energy efficiency and should receive a BREAM Rating “Very good”. Importantly, this move would also meet energy efficiency targets set by German legislative authorities.

One of the striking characteristics of this “avant-garde” Data Center Campus would be its pioneering strategies for reusing waste heat. The two buildings on the site will potentially provide 40 MW of waste heat to the campus heating network when operating at full capacity. In line with CyrusOne’s commitment to sustainability, the data center will rely exclusively on renewable energy sources – a practice the company has firmly adhered to across its entire European portfolio since mid-2021.

Increase energy efficiency

Sustainability and ecological conservation are woven into the fabric of the project. Ambitious campaigns in favor of biodiversity are looming, with a generous sprinkling of green spaces extending over 5,500 square meters, the planting of more than 60 trees and the transformation of more than 1,800 square meters of outdoor spaces. installations in “green” spaces. These initiatives would not only promise visual enjoyment to residents but would also commit to improving air quality, reducing noise, promoting thermoregulation and increasing energy efficiency.

In terms of timeline, demolition and site clearance is already underway, with construction beginning in Q3 2024. The new data center colocation project is expected to be fully operational by Q2 2026.

For Andreas Paduch, regional vice president of European sales at CyrusOne, the new Frankfurt data center symbolizes a pivotal chapter in the company’s European journey. “Our emerging partnership with BEOS in Frankfurt Westside, an experienced and forward-thinking local entity, bodes well for a promising future. Their shared vision of sustainable development makes this collaboration even more enriching.

Holger Matheis, CEO of Swiss Life Asset Managers, echoes this sentiment. “In CyrusUnwe discovered a synergistic partner whose aspirations match ours, particularly in terms of sustainable development.

Frankfurt Westside Business Campus

With a rich history of the establishment of the chemical industry for more than 180 years, the Griesheim industrial park, in transition to the Frankfurt Westside business campus, is in the midst of a transformation. BEOS AG and Swiss Life Asset Managers GmbH, which took over in 2020, envision a sustainable future for this site, integrating renewable energy, efficient use of waste heat and open spaces favorable to biodiversity and recreation.

The reimagined campus aims to usher in an era grounded in sustainability. Robust transportation frameworks are in the works, intended to facilitate smooth pedestrian, cycling and public transportation. As CyrusUn collaborates with BEOS SA And Asset managers Swiss Lifethe wider Frankfurt community would benefit from an improved urban landscape that is as sustainable as it is innovative.

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