CISO Global Threat Informed captures and analyzes data published on darknets

CISO Global expands its capabilities by deepening its threat intelligence feed and integrating it with existing services.

Dubbed “Threat Informed,” this new data feed leverages the DarkNet, an overlay of secret networks composed of communication channels accessible only with specific software and processes used primarily by malicious hackers, to identify information about security threats. cybersecurity that would otherwise be difficult to find. and/or discern.

Leveraging proprietary DarkNet technology and other intellectual properties, CISO Global runs its own continuous, real-time DarkNet searches, validating the security of its customers to ensure they have not been compromised. Threat actors routinely exchange compromised username and password combinations to execute malicious attacks.

While many threat feeds contain outdated information, the CISO uses a proprietary methodology to verify that its threat feed is up to date and to ensure its relevance and accuracy.

“We have been focused on developing our own threat intelligence as an organization for some time to improve the other feeds we use,” said CISO Global CTO. Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D. “We believe the best way to leverage this information is to offer it as an integrated part of our entire solution set. Threat Informed is the result of top-notch thought leadership from our intelligence team who takes initiative to ensure that what we provide to our clients is an integrated approach to cybersecurity.

Cyber ​​adversaries rely heavily on stolen or compromised login credentials due to their relative ease of access. These credentials may be obtained through smaller communication channels within the DarkNet, called darknets, or obtained through inadequate user password practices, such as password recycling across various platforms, both for professional and personal use.

However, the most reliable source of stolen credentials comes from darknets, where data thieves often post lists for use by other malicious hackers.

Since threat actors often seek the path of least resistance, this path involves exploiting illicitly acquired login credentials. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2023, stolen or compromised login credentials are the underlying cause of more than 50% of all security breaches.

Threat Informed is part of CISO Global’s ongoing efforts to innovate new ways to better protect its customer base of 1,100 organizations spanning the financial, healthcare, retail and IT industries. Discovering new sources of threat intelligence in the wild allows CISO Global to leverage and correlate data to reduce cyber risks for customers. This strategy is proving successful given the rate of compromise among CISO Global customers prior to their use of its services.

This development follows two other recently launched flagship solutions, ARGO Edge, a cloud-first security solution designed from the ground up to protect an organization’s users wherever they are, as well as CHECKLIGHT, a platform that uses a continuous scanning to identify unauthorized processes associated with fraudulent phishing attacks, hacking, scams, malware, ransomware and viruses.

By actively learning host systems, CHECKLIGHT also studies new viruses it encounters, developing unique defenses to protect the network and its users with next-generation signature, behavior, and machine learning algorithms.

“We are committed to helping our customers continually improve to make cybersecurity more effective,” said CISO Global CEO. David Jemmett. “This new capability builds on our existing intellectual property and allows us to deliver a more holistic experience to customers seeking world-class cyber techniques and strategies. With our newly integrated intelligence feed, we’re able to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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