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CDN77 Boosts Speed ​​with EXA’s 400G and 100G Wavelengths


One of the largest dedicated digital infrastructure platforms connecting Europe and North America, EXA Infrastructure, has been chosen by high-performance content delivery company CDN77 to support its operations with multiple services of 400G and 100G wavelengths as it scales and expands its business.

With a global private backbone and a huge global network, CDN77 is able to meet the growing capacity demands of its customers. Investment in infrastructure is necessary due to the expected expansion of data across Europe and North America, and is a major part of EXA’s strategy. The cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 400G is expected to reach 31.5% over the next five years, according to a 2022 estimate of Omdia.

Through this agreement, CDN77’s broadband connection would be further accelerated, enabling greater operational efficiency, greater scalability and greater security. CDN77 services are used daily by global industry leaders to transport hundreds of petabytes of data. Diverse network routing can be offered by EXA infrastructure across the entire European 400G footprint, covering 15 countries.

Jiri Prochazka, Vice President of Network Infrastructure at CDN77, said: “The EXA Infrastructure team was available to understand our bespoke needs and provide us with a solution in a short period of time. EXA’s network speed, capacity and coverage are unmatched, making it the industry’s leading partner. We are happy to collaborate.

Nicholas Collins, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of EXA Infrastructure, said, “EXA has been a leader in deploying 400G technology on its network as we recognized the growing demand for high-capacity bandwidth and the need to help our customers scale and grow. A reliable partner, high bandwidth capacity that is both secure and scalable, and reliable network performance are all necessary for the sophisticated global content delivery network known as CDN77. We welcome the opportunity to use our network to help CDN77 as it grows and meets the needs of its customers.

About EXA Infrastructure

EXA Infrastructure, a portfolio business of I Squared Capital headquartered in London, is one of the largest digital infrastructure platforms dedicated to connecting North America and Europe. Its fiber optic network extends over 127,000 kilometers and covers 34 countries. With three transatlantic cables – one of which is the lowest latency connection between Europe and North America – and thirteen Tier 3 equivalent data centers, EXAThe network would connect 300 sites.

About CDN77

With its 130 Tbps network, CDN77 combines cache servers and PoPs installed on ISP networks in critical locations. This network is connected via a global private backbone built using 100G and 400G nx infrastructure. The network structure includes direct local connectivity to over 3,000 ISPs, over 300 PNIs and upstream to 14 of the major TIER1 transit providers. With its vast network size and “state of the art” video engineering, CDN77 is the favorite CDN for a number of popular international websites and apps.


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