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BullWall Unveils Server Intrusion Protection to Thwart Ransomware Attacks

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BullWall, a global ransomware defense provider for critical infrastructure around the world, has unveiled BullWall Server Intrusion Protection – to protect servers from unwanted access that can result from the use of stolen login credentials for RDP (Remote) sessions Desktop Protocol). Organizations are protected from malicious actors who may have gained access to the network by placing BullWall’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) between the server and any unauthorized users, preventing the spread of ransomware.

BullWall server intrusion protection prevent ransomware deployment blocking the progress of the violation and preventing the takeover of RDP sessions. BullWall detects unauthorized sessions, prevents compromised clients and servers, and immediately sends appropriate notifications.

According to Wall of bulls, it is a valuable new tool in the ongoing fight against credential theft or compromise, which would affect most businesses and is one of the largest areas of cybersecurity risk. With the rise of remote and hybrid work environments, more than half of ransomware attacks use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) as their entry point.

Block attacks at the RDP session level

BullWall Server Intrusion Protection can be a critical security measure that can significantly affect an organization’s cybersecurity insurance eligibility and terms. It collaborates with BullWall Ransomware Containment, formerly known as BullWall RansomCare, to prevent and contain ransomware, protecting the company’s most valuable and targeted digital assets from cyberattacks.

“Remote Desktop Protocol is the most exploited initial attack vector and the entry point for half of all ransomware attacks,” said Jan Lovmand, co-founder and CTO of BullWall. “We are excited to introduce BullWall Server Intrusion Protection, which will block attacks at the RDP session level and close a gap that would otherwise be far too easy to exploit. BullWall offers businesses the best ransomware security on the market today when combined with our Ransomware Containment solution.

“One of the biggest barriers to obtaining cyber insurance is the requirement for MFA on servers in addition to endpoints, for each connection attempt,” said Morten Gammelgard, co-founder of BullWall and executive vice president of EMEA. “A revolutionary two-device multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for server access is offered by BullWall Server Intrusion Protection. We’re excited to deliver a solution that reduces user friction, strengthens security, and thwarts the most prevalent attack vector available today.

These days, the majority of security-conscious businesses use MFA as their single sign-on, which BullWall says is useless against a bad actor who connects via RDP and then moves on to other servers. BullWall Server Intrusion Protection would present the highest standards of compliance and reporting while thwarting such attempts at every step.

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