Black Friday Deals on Electric Bikes (2023): Rad and Aventon

At WIRED we are big fans of bikes, electric bikes, bicycle accessories, as well as all vehicles, policies or infrastructure that advance active transportation. Getting people more active in their daily activities provides exercise, builds resilient, cohesive, mixed-income communities, and contributes to the development of safer streets. As Sam Balto, a school teacher and cycling advocate in Portland, Oregon, once told me. in an interview, active transportation rules. “This is shit!” It’s the best!”

There are some great deals on e-bikes for Black Friday, which means it’s the perfect time to order your new e-bike (or upgrade your existing one) and start your new post-holiday travel plan. Don’t see anything you like? Check out our Best Early Black Friday Deals And Black Friday Outdoor Deals lists, as well as our Black Friday Shopping Tips for advice.

WIRED tests products throughout the year and selects these deals based on actual discounts, not just the discounts retailers claim to offer. Products that are out of stock or are no longer on sale at the time of publication will be crossed out. We will update this guide through November.

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Electric bike deals

Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0

Photography: Specialized

We tested the premium version of this bike (8/10, WIRED recommends) and I loved it. The best way to describe it is that it’s one of Specialized’s plush and comfortable mountain bikes that’s been given a motor and a few tweaks to make it an all-around quiver killer. This will be the most used bike you will own.

Propella 7s electric bike

Propelle 7S.

Photography: Propella

It’s our best affordable and versatile electric bike. The 7-speed bike from Propella (8/10, WIRED recommends) is one of the lightest, most efficient and most comfortable in this category.

This is one of our favorite affordable prices electric cargo bikes. My husband rides this bike, and it’s powerful enough that I can ride behind him without feeling wobbly or having trouble going up hills. It’s comfortable and surprisingly affordable for the specs. Every model made by Lectric is on sale; my colleague Julian Chokkattu also likes XP 3.0 (7/10, WIRED recommends).

Aventon Aventure.2 Adventure electric bike

Aventon Adventure.2.

Photography: Aventon

We have tried several Aventon models and appreciate the high level of quality for a relatively low price. (The accessories are also better than Lectric’s.) This fat tire electric bike (8/10, WIRED recommends) is affordable, versatile and incorporates the essentials for everyday travel. We also like the Soltera.2 ($999)and the Abound ($1599) is one of our favorite family cargo bikes. Both are also on sale.

Rad Power Bikes is one of the first direct-to-consumer e-bike companies, and as such, it has been subject to painful lawsuits as the market has grown. However, it is still a very popular bike, very affordable, great fun and easy to ride. All their bikes are for sale, but most people I know ride the basic RadRunnerwhich is incredibly powerful for the price, although a bit heavy for smaller riders.

Jackrabbit XG 2023 in the desert

Photography: Jackrabbit

There are now two different versions of our favorite micro ebike (7/10, WIRED recommends), which is endlessly useful and fun for walking around your neighborhood. There’s no discount on the bike itself, but an extra battery extends the time between charges.

This is the affordable DTC version of the now-defunct VanMoof (8/10, WIRED recommends). You get a sleek aluminum frame with a Bafang motor for not a lot of money. All Wing bikes are currently on sale.

Retail Sales Pages

Do you want to take advantage of the Black Friday sales yourself? Here are the pages concerned.

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