Best Fitting T-Shirts for Men (According to a Savile Row Tailor)


Mott and Bow — M8 / C8 / J7 — TOTAL: 23

Colored standard — M8 / C7 / J8 — TOTAL: 23

Asket — M7 / C8 / J7 — TOTAL: 22

Son of a tailor — M5 / C8 / J7 — TOTAL: 20

Uniqlo — M6 / C7 / J6 — TOTAL: 19

Solar spell — M7 / C5 / J6 — TOTAL: 18

Rapa Nui — M5 / C6 / J6 — TOTAL: 18

A true classic — M5 / C4 / J7 — TOTAL: 16

Spoke — M4 / C4 / J4 — TOTAL: 12

Both ASKET and Mott & Bow produce high quality T-shirts, but ASKET’s wide selection of sizes, including width and length, should ensure that everyone can find something that looks great and is comfortable to wear. Uniqlo seems to have created an indestructible, great value design that will last for years, while Colorful Standard proves that pre-washed, hipster-approved organic tees can look great on any body shape.

Of the two bespoke brands, Son of a Tailor was far superior to Spoke. The use of quality (although non-organic) Supima cotton in a choice of weights, combined with a flattering, premium look and the ability to adjust later models to suit, sets them apart, despite the odd difference in size. Spoke failed to impress, although Chris’ remake of the original shirt was a significant improvement.

Taub isn’t surprised that the online algorithm approach isn’t yet foolproof. “It is imperfect to ask people who do not have experience to enter their measurements. You will never be able to get a customer to send their measurements accurately. I’m also surprised that none of these brands ask for a simple photo, as that would really add dimension.

But he concedes that “if you understand that the first T-shirt [ordered online] won’t be the best, and instead think of it as a journey with a brand you’re willing to trust and support – and that will still exist in the future – you’ll learn what looks good on you. Through trial and error, you can achieve a custom fit from a factory-made garment. But from what I’ve seen so far, none of them have really been better than spending two days in each store and checking them out for yourself.

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