Bellroy’s iPhone 15 Pro case has a proper Action Button now

Two months after some case makers were wrong-footed by Apple’s decision to replace the mute switch with an action button on the iPhone 15 Pro line, Bellroy has released a update range of case. Unlike the first model, which had a cutout above the action button that could make it difficult to access and press, the new models have a more standard built-in button.

“The new design includes another button on the case to provide the same functionality and experience as the current device. It’s much more natural and transparent,” says Arya Ghavifekr, head of product development at Bellroy. Bellroy says anyone who purchased their first set of cases with the cutout will be able to exchange them for the new model. It continues to sell older cases with cutouts at a discounted rate, but it sells them with a “button add-on” that fills the cutout with an upgrade button.

At the end of September, we wrote about the minefield that the iPhone 15 Pro case market had become thanks to the new action button. Case manufacturers find themselves in a difficult situation every year when the new iPhone is released; They want their products available quickly to benefit everyone who upgrades their phones, but most of them only get the specifications of new phones after their public launch. So manufacturers had to make an educated guess as to whether they should design their cases to accommodate the supposed action button, or protect themselves with a cutout that could (and did) make the button more difficult to access.

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