Bajaj Finance trading volume dips, oil prices fall, and GIFT Nifty declines By

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MUMBAI – Bajaj Finance today witnessed a significant decline in trading volume as the number of units traded fell to 741,972 from its weekly average of 1,923,440 units. This decline in activity is part of a broader market environment in which key indices and commodities have also seen movements.

Oil prices fell, down 0.85% to $80.49 per barrel and Nymex crude, down 0.91% to $75.96 per barrel. In foreign exchange markets, the price currently stands at 104.4, reflecting the strength of the dollar against a basket of other major currencies.

In the bond market, the US yield remains at 4.50%, which is an important indicator for investors on the trajectory of interest rates and economic expectations.

The GIFT Nifty index edged down 12 points early in the day to settle at 19,752.5. In cryptocurrencies, we saw a modest decline of 0.45%. Additionally, price range revisions were made for EMS and Bliss GVS Pharma.

The company’s announcements included interim dividend declarations with Bayer (OTC:) Cropscience and Power Grid setting their ex/record dates for these shareholder payouts. These developments are particularly important for investors who follow income-generating stocks.

Additionally, insider trading was reported between Sunday and Monday as Arti Mody of Sasken Technologies and Jagdish Kumar Arora of Som Distilleries & Breweries bought shares in their respective companies while Nidhi Rajgarhia of Usha Martin sold actions.

Market participants monitor these movements because they can signal broader trends or company-specific developments that could impact investor decisions and market sentiment.

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