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AWASR, AMS-IX and Alliance Networks form alliance to introduce Oman-IX

Muscat, Oman

In a bid to reshape Oman’s digital landscape, three industry leaders – AWASR, Alliance Networks and AMS-IX – have come together to unveil Oman-IX, a pioneering system Internet Exchange (IX) intended to fill data gaps in the Middle East and potentially around the world.

At the heart of this business is AWASR, a leading telecommunications company in Oman. Their participation would mean more than just ownership. This would embody their commitment to reinvigorate connectivity and defend the Sultanate’s digital ascendancy by establishing a new Node IX in Oman.

To complement this ambition, Alliance Networks, renowned for its pioneering network and digital solutions, is on board to lead the marketing and sales of Oman-IX. The collaboration extends to AMS-IXwho will inject their technical expertise and training, ensuring the seamless functionality of the new Internet Exchange.

CEO of AWASR, Eng. Adnan Al Alawi, painted a vivid picture of the company’s promises: “This is not just a collaboration; it’s a digital renaissance for Oman. With Alliance Networks and AMS-IX At our side, we don’t just increase Internet traffic; we catalyze digital ingenuity across diverse sectors.

Echoing this sentiment, Adel Al Daylami, head of Alliance networkshighlighted the transformative potential of Oman-IX: “Our vision has always been to interconnect networks seamlessly and simplify data exchange across borders. With Oman-IX, we are not only achieving this; we are creating a resilient digital connection right here in Oman.

Peter van Burgel from AMS-IX defended the strategic alliance, emphasizing: “Oman-IX is not just a hub; it is the future of Internet traffic exchange in the region, ready to improve user experience and become the birthplace of digital novelty.

Equinix Data Center in Muscat

This collaboration aims to harness the collective strengths of all parties: the infrastructural power of the Alliance, AWASROman-IX’s extensive telecommunications knowledge and Oman-IX’s global Internet exchange prowess. The goal? Transform Oman into a focal point for IP peering traffic, both domestic and global. Additionally, the partnership will boost the flow of peering traffic through the AMS-IX Internet Exchange to other global Internet exchange giants.

Strategically positioned within Equinix’s neutral MC1 data center in Muscat, the AMS-IXThe Oman-backed internet exchange is expected to be operational by the end of the year, marking a monumental milestone in Oman’s digital journey.

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