Auto workers got another big concession from their successful six-week strike: $100 in back pay for each day they walked off the job

General enginesFord and Stellantis have agreed to pay part of the wages lost during the historic six-week United Auto Workers strike, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The more than 45,000 workers who ultimately walked out of Detroit’s three automaker plants, as well as the thousands of employees who were laid off as a result, will each receive about $100 for each day of work stoppage during the strike, the source said. , who declined to be identified discussing nonpublic information.

Back pay is a new contract feature and another example of the UAW’s strategy. unprecedented gains stemming from the walkouts, which also included record wage increases and the right to strike in the event of future factory closures.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to provide details on picketer pay.

The auto sector union’s approximately 150,000 members will vote on the agreements in principle between the three companies over the next two weeks.

The UAW is discussing future organizing drives with several non-union automakers across the country, efforts that could be continued after the Detroit contracts are ratified, the person said.

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