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Audible Membership Benefits: What You Really Get…

Considering an Audible subscription? Here’s everything you need to know about what you’re getting, including the many benefits of the audiobook service…

Alright, folks, buckle up, because I’m about to share my 10+ year love affair with Audible! Trust me, once you dive into this ocean of audiobook goodness, you’ll never want to come up for air again.

I have always loved books, my Kindle literally goes with me everywhere. But when I discovered that I could also listen to books, I knew it was something I needed in my life.


  • Audible is a subscription audiobook service with over 500,000 titles in its library.
  • It offers a 30-day free trial with a free audiobook and has a flexible membership plan.
  • The service has various features like narration speed control, chapter navigation and sleep timer.
  • Audible also offers original content and podcasts exclusively for its members.
  • Users canlisten to audiobooks on various devices and platforms like smartphones, tablets and Echo devices.
  • THE Audible price varies depending on plan and the number of credits purchased.
  • The service has a library of books in different languages, including Spanish, French and German.

For what? Because it means I can put more books and information in my head. And when time is of the essence, I seek to speed up the process of consuming literature and nonfiction.

This way, using my Kindle for reading and Audible for audiobooks, I can always have two books on the go at once. And believe me, it starts to get worse pretty quickly.

Is Audible right for you? Here’s a quick overview of some of the benefits and benefits of purchasing an Audible subscription (based on 10+ years of usage myself).

If you prefer to read a review, you can check out my Audible review which covers things in more detail. Or, if you want to see what other options are available in the world of audiobooks, check out our guide to best Audible alternatives right away.

Sound Features and Benefits

1. Convenience: like a ninja reading a book! 📚🏃‍♀️

With Audible, you can turn your daily commute into an exciting adventure, turn your time on the treadmill into a book spree, or even turn your dishwashing session into a crying session.

Simply insert your headphones and you have an instant ticket to the world of books while you’re on the go. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to multitasking like a pro!

Audible is also available on all major platforms including iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows, as well as a host of other products such as smart displays, smart TVs and things like Google Home, Alexa devices and other smart home technology products.

2. Choices, choices, choices: the audiobook buffet! 📚🍽️

Audible has over 500,000 mind-blowing titles in its library, which is basically like having a never-ending buffet of literary delights! You’ll find bestsellers, classics, nonfiction gems, and even exclusive content like original audio shows and podcasts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Audible also makes it very easy to discover new books and authors based on your past listening. After about a month of listening, Audible will start making suggestions about books you might like.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve found so many great books and writers this way – and with Audible, I never would have heard of them.

3. Features galore: your listening experience supercharged! ⚡🎧

Adjust the reading speed to devour books like a literary Pac-Man or slow down to savor every juicy detail. Set bookmarks, take notes, and highlight passages like the bookworm ninja you are. And with Whispersync, you can switch between reading on your Kindle and listening on Audible without missing a beat. It’s like having your own personal butler!

4. Subscription options: tailor-made for you! 👔📚

Whether you’re a casual listener or a true audiobook addict, Audible has a subscription plan that fits your needs (and your wallet!). Choose from monthly or annual subscriptions, both loaded with credits to get the audiobook you want.

And for you commitment-phobics out there, there is even a free trial with a free audiobook credit. Dip your toes in the water and you’ll be hooked!

Is Audible worth it?

To sum it up, Audible is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to explore the world of audiobooks. Its massive selection, exclusive content, and ever-changing features make it an unbeatable choice for book lovers.

With subscription options to suit all budgets and reading habits, there’s no reason don’t give Audible a whirl. Plus, if you listen to very long audiobooks – like those 30-40 hours long – you’ll quickly start racking up free Audible credits.

Audible Membership Plans


Audible has the largest collection of audiobooks, audio content, and podcasts on the market. Along with my Mac and iPhone, Audible is one of the most important tech products I use. It’s perfect for information junkies or anyone who doesn’t have time to read.


  • Vast library: with more than 500,000 titles, there is something for everyone.
  • Whispersync for Voice: Seamlessly switch between reading and listening across multiple devices.
  • Sleep Timer: Set a timer for pausing your audiobook.
  • Adjust playback speed: Customize the narration speed to suit your listening preferences.
  • Bookmarks and Notes: Mark important sections and jot down notes as you listen.


I’m currently working my way through a 120 hour story about Rome, and as you can imagine, it takes a while to get through it. Since I started this audiobook, I have managed to accumulate three credits (I am in the third month of my visit to ancient Rome).

By applying this tip, you can use your available credits for shorter, more impactful books that you want to listen to, allowing you to listen to multiple audiobooks at the same time. Ideal, really, because ancient history, while super interesting, can get a little dry after 70 or 80 hours…

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