Atlassian’s Jira gets smarter with AI

According to a November 2 ComputerWeekly report, Atlassian has launched product updates for its Jira Service Management software. One of the key features is a virtual agent capability, designed to help teams automate support interactions and provide conversational support through popular collaboration tools. This is combined with a myriad of AI-powered features to improve and personalize the support experience.

Highlighting its latest innovations, Atlassian envisions a “unified help experience,” where AI plays a central role in streamlining and simplifying the process for everyone seeking help. The goal is to make it easier for everyone to offer and receive help, regardless of the support system in place.

Virtual Assistant is now available for premium and enterprise editions of Jira Service Management

Leveraging an AI engine, it is designed to discern the intention, the feeling, context and even profile information. This ensures a personalized and contextually relevant interaction every time. The technology gets smarter with every interaction, thanks to a natural language processing engine.

For teams concerned about complex setup procedures, Atlassian has simplified the process. Support teams can tailor the virtual agent experience to their unique service delivery methods without the need for programming.

Another new feature of the virtual agent is its generative AI capability. This allows it to produce answers dynamically, drawing on company resources such as knowledge base articles, onboarding guides, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Additionally, in cases where human expertise is required, the agent can seamlessly convey the conversation to human agents without losing any context.

Edwin Wong, Head of IT Solutions at Atlassian, commented on the current state of the service management market: “IT leaders have been paying too much for legacy, bloated service management solutions. While seeking to reduce overhead, they are also consolidating the service centers used throughout their organization. Finally, emerging technologies like AI-powered virtual agents are poised to be a game-changer by dramatically reducing the number of tickets teams must resolve manually.

AI improvements in Jira Service Management aren’t limited to virtual agents. Atlassian Intelligence aims to offload much of the manual tasks and cognitive load from support agents. It will provide agents with concise summaries of conversations, knowledge base articles, and resolution suggestions from other agents who have already addressed similar issues. Finally, this will allow agents to refine their responses, modulate their tone of professionalism or empathy, or even condense long articles to give precise instructions.

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