‘Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR’ Makes the Case for Immersive Gaming—Finally

I crouch behind the desk, the guard blocking the only exit from the room. Silently, I grab a cup and toss it to the opposite side of the room. As the guard advances toward the disturbance, I emerge, sneaking up behind him. With a flick of my wrist, my hidden blade emerges. He will never take another step again. Additionally, his halberd begins to fry on the ground before disappearing, serving as a reminder that this is all virtual reality – or rather virtual reality. In VR, the metatextual framing of Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed game.

Ubisoft has been interested in virtual reality for years now, since its first efforts experimenting with the format – think Eagle flightan air racing game with a bird’s eye view that evolved from a technology demo to more complete games, such as the social deduction title Werewolves Inside or cooperative space adventure Star Trek: The Bridge Crewboth from his Red Storm studio.

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR is different. It’s bigger, more ambitious, leveraging the success of the publisher’s larger intellectual property. And while Red Storm once again leads development, Ubisoft has committed no less than eight studios at its creation. It’s a pushone was to make the case that VR gaming is finally, truly here, that it’s finally a format worth integrating with AAA properties in a meaningful way, rather than for gimmicky spinoffs.

It’s a pursuit that Ubisoft is pursuing in alarming fashion. Playing Assassin’s Creed Nexus on Meta Quest 3 has that rare distinction of shattering expectations and feeling better than it should. If you’re a long-time VR gamer, it brilliantly combines the best elements of immersive gameplay into a cohesive whole, letting you move, climb, hide and fight your way through incredibly realized locations . For Assassin’s Creed fans drawn to VR for the first time, it does an exceptional job of placing you in the role of an assassin, with all the stealth and parkour mechanics you’d expect from the base games translated almost perfectly into a feel-good experience. first person.

That it’s a hot excursion through Assassin’s CreedThe ever-expanding tradition doesn’t hurt either. The current setting of the story places you in the role of a hacker, infiltrating shady megacorp Abstergo’s latest attempt to manipulate the past to control the future. Even better? Gameplay that immerses you in the genetic memory of three returning heroes:Assassin’s Creed II Ezio, AC III Connor, and The Odyssey Cassandra.

For long-time fans of the series, it’s an absolute pleasure to see these enthusiastic protagonists again years after their debut, and Link draws on their different playstyles, further justifying the multi-character approach. Ezio possesses two of the series’ iconic hidden blades, emphasizing his darker nature, while Kassandra feels more like a fighter, befitting her mercenary nature in Odyssey. Even Connor, considered one of the least popular THATbenefits from a generous showcase, with its use of a tomahawk and a bow and arrow bringing a materially different feel to both combat and stealth.

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