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Android Developer Blog: #WeArePlay | Meet Ayushi and Nikhil from India. More stories from around the world.

Posted by Leticia Lago, Marketing Developer

This month we share news #WeArePlay stories of inspiring founders creating apps that help people improve their quality of life. From a diabetes management tracker to an empowerment platform for women, hear the stories behind some groundbreaking apps on Google Play.

First, meet Nikhil and Ayushi from Bengaluru, India. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Nikhil watched his mother take up new hobbies and try to cook different dishes in the kitchen. Watching his mother search for new recipes and cooking resources, he was struck by the lack of educational platforms in India specifically for women. This gave him and his wife Ayushi the idea to create Alipo: an upskilling app for women that offers courses and training materials. It also has resources to help women start and run their own businesses using their newly acquired expertise. In the future, they want to add more learning materials, business guides, and even financing options.

Image of Ed, Ken and Erin from Health2Sync, located in Taipei City, Taiwan Google Play

Next we have Ed, Ken and Erin from Taiwan. Ed comes from a family with a history of diabetes. But her grandmother always stayed on top of her condition through her habit of regularly recording her blood sugar levels and sharing it with her doctor. In partnership with product manager Ken, whose mother also has diabetes, and his former colleague Erin, he launched Health2Sync: a digital blood glucose monitor with a range of other features to track and manage diet, exercise and medication. With the app’s new AI-powered food recognition feature, users can now track the content and nutrients of their meals simply by uploading a photo of their food.

Image of Cesar and Lorenzo from WeCancer, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil Google Play

Now Lorenzo and Caesar of Brazil. Growing up, they both had personal experiences with cancer, having lost their mother to the disease. When they met some time later, through a mutual friend, they discussed their experiences, both agreeing that hospital visits were tiring for their mothers, and often unnecessary when measures could be taken to provide care at home. It inspired them to team up and create WeCancer, a support platform for cancer treatments where patients can receive support and medical care in the comfort of their own home, with follow-up and advice from doctors. In Lorenzo’s own words, the app provides “skilled care outside of hospital walls to make life easier for patients.”

Image by John, Laura and Erich of Curable, located in Denver (CO), USA Google Play

Finally, Laura, Erich and John from the United States. When they were colleagues, it was sharing their experiences around chronic pain that bonded them and brought them together as friends. When John began teaching others about some of the alternative methods he had learned to manage his pain, all three began to see huge improvements in their various conditions. Delighted to see how much these techniques and practices had helped them, they wanted to share these practices with others, inspiring them to team up to create Curable. On the app, chronic pain sufferers can follow a guided recovery program with a range of science-based methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy and calming meditation.

Check out more #WeArePlay stories from worldwide and stay tuned for more.

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