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Android Developer Blog: Privacy Sandbox Developer Preview 9: Custom Audience Delegation

Posted by Jon Markoff, Privacy Sandbox Developer Relations

Earlier this year we released the first beta version of Privacy Sandbox on Androidfor the purpose of testing our private advertising solutions in real conditions on user devices.

Since then, we’ve released several additional versions of Privacy Sandbox, each with new features and improvements, in Developer Preview and Beta. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to help developers build privacy-focused apps and tools that keep content open and accessible to everyone. Your feedback has helped us refine and improve these releases and new design proposals, and is greatly appreciated.

Today we announce Developer Preview 9 for Privacy Sandbox on Androidincluding:

  • Protected Audience API: The first version of Custom Audience Delegationwhich supports the creation of custom audiences for buyers who do not have an SDK on the device. Bidding and Bidding Services Integrations are available to support more complex ad auctions.
  • Attribution Reporting API: Registration is no longer required for development and testing purposes. Enhancements to debug reports include support for additional detailed debug reports and app-to-web debug reports.
  • SDK runtime: With some limitations, SDK Runtime can now launch intents to other apps and bind to an allow list of services.
  • For the full list of released features, see the release notes.

Along with Developer Preview 9, we are also announcing Project flight: a collection of sample applications that demonstrate how the Privacy Sandbox APIs can be used together in end-to-end user journeys. Project Flight includes the following:

  • Advertiser app, to demonstrate a conversion by booking a travel experience
  • Publisher application, to broadcast a relevant ad and register an event
  • SSP library, to demonstrate running ad selection and registering a source
  • MMP library, to demonstrate Custom Audience opt-in and trigger registration
  • A mock server backend in addition to the Protected Audience and Attribution reporting APIs using Firebase

As with all of our releases, we strongly encourage developers to share comments as they continue their journey through the Privacy Sandbox on Android. To get started, read the instructions for configure the SDK And system images on a supported emulator or Pixel device.

For more information on Privacy Sandbox on Android, visit developer websiteAnd Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates.

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