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Alkira Launches Cloud Exchange in China for Enhanced Global Connectivity

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As an agentless multi-cloud networking provider, Alkira launched its Alkira Cloud Exchange Point (CXP) in China, extending Cloud Network-as-a-Service in the country for a global network connectivity. Businesses can streamline deployment and operations using a single management and control plane for China and the rest of the world with Alkira CXP’s presence in China. There is no need to install any hardware, software or agents since Alkira CXP is provided only “as a service”.

Alkira provides a fully compliant turnkey solution for China Connection in collaboration with its trusted partner, CBC Tech, a fully licensed next-generation Network as a Service (NaaS) provider. Known for its all-inclusive services, CBC Technology offers CBC NaaS, a set of cutting-edge networking technologies, such as SD-WAN, SASE and cloud networking, to support international companies doing business in China. While ensuring business continuity and security, CBC NaaS reduces time to market.

“We are delighted to work with Alkira to expand its cloud networking capabilities to China as a leader in navigating the complexities of the Chinese technology environment,” said Shu Yee Hoo, vice president (products and solutions) at CBC Tech. “Through our combined efforts, businesses will have access to cutting-edge networking solutions that drive efficiency, security and compliance, laying a strong foundation for digital transformation in the field.”

Using the hyperscale architecture of the public cloud, Alkira CXPs are virtualized points of presence. Businesses can control everything NaaS without having to go through the hassle of setting up and maintaining separate infrastructure domains for each region of China if they have a presence there. By providing operators with a single interface for routing, traffic management, enhanced visibility and intent-based policy, an intuitive interface facilitates the exchange of routes between international networks and China.

“Due to network regulations that require a significant investment of time, money and effort, businesses generally struggle to have fast and reliable connectivity with China, despite the country being a key hub for business,” said Atif Khan, Chief Technology Officer (Technical director) in Alkira. “Working with CBC Tech enhances our offering with a plethora of knowledge and in-depth understanding of China’s network and cloud environments. Since Alkira is committed to providing our customers with an experience that optimizes speed, simplicity, and scalability while ensuring enterprise-grade security, we knew this was an issue we needed to solve. Alkira’s CXP presence in China delivers the world’s most perfect experience with unmatched performance, capabilities and integrations, spanning intra-cloud to inter-cloud and the rest of your global network.

China sees rise of hybrid cloud

According to China’s entry in Gartner’s Market Guide for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, by 2025, more than 70% of large Chinese enterprises will have used hybrid cloud technology, up from less than 40%. in 2021.

To do business in China, U.S. companies have often been forced to build their own infrastructure or use colocation data centers due to the scarcity of cloud solutions and data sovereignty concerns in China. Using this approach, businesses are unable to separate data from the rest of their network, adding complexity for IT and security managers who are already under pressure to meet deadlines due to reduced staff and funding. Additionally, attempting to manage this process internally puts businesses at increased risk of attacks, costs significant time and money, and prevents them from having end-to-end visibility into their networks.

Connect in China with Alkira

Companies in China can centralize networking with Alkira, providing access to strong segmentation and a standardized strategy. Alkira prioritizes speed, simplicity, scalability and security regardless of the services implemented, unlike other Chinese cloud providers who only want you to use their services. As one of the few multi-cloud platforms with cloud infrastructure as a service, it allows businesses to easily connect their networks, including those in China, by identifying and removing redundancies while reducing expenses.

The main advantages would be:

  • Unified Global Network – Alkira’s Platform as a Service provides an identical experience for China and all other Alkira regions globally.
  • Network Services – Streamline operations and capabilities by more efficiently managing and deploying network and security services. These services are offered via the Alkira Marketplace.
  • 100% as a service – Do not purchase any hardware, purchase any software licenses, or manage any virtual agents. With turnkey business results, on-demand resources and flexible consumption, Alkira would provide an excellent global connection.

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