7 Theragun Black Friday Deals (2023): Percussive Massage Devices

Theraguns are one of the most popular massage guns, but they are also the most expensive. If you’ve been eyeing one, most of Therabody’s catalog is currently discounted as part of its promotion of early Black Friday deals. That doesn’t set them back pennies, but it sets most of them back about $100. Some of the brand’s other self-care and recovery devices, like the luxurious TheraFace Pro, are also on sale. The company’s three new massage guns are not yet part of this sale. Still, all of the devices here are only about a year old, so they’re more than capable if you don’t really want some of these new features, like heat or breathing. Read our Best massage guns guide to find out more.

We test products all year round and select these offers carefully. Products that are out of stock or are no longer on sale at the time of publication will be crossed out. We will update this guide through November.

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Deals on massage guns and muscle recovery

Therabody Theragun Pro G5 Massager

Theragun Pro (5th generation)

Photography: Therabody

Even on sale, the Theragun Pro is expensive. For this reason, it is best suited to people who constantly push their muscles to their limits. It has six attachments, and the 4th- and the 5th generation Theragun Pro models feature a rotating arm which, combined with the ergonomic triangular handle, makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach places. (THE last generation loses the movable arm but has other features like heat therapy (cold therapy head is extra), a vibrating attachment just for super sensitive spots, and a nicer carrying case.

The Elite is super quiet and comes with five accessories. It has the same OLED screen as the Pro for controls or for following massage routines. It’s a great device, but I would consider waiting to see if it drops further or considering the newer Theragun Sense instead, because it’s only $10 more than that price. The Sense is nearly silent with an LCD screen for routine visits, and there are bonus breathing work routines and a heart rate sensor. However, this gets one less attachment.

Theragun Prime

Theragun Prime (4th generation)

Photography: Therabody

We haven’t tested the Theragun Prime, but based on all the others we’ve tried, we’re confident it’s as sturdy as its siblings. This sale price is also very attractive for a Theragun. It comes with four attachments and has the same triangular handle for easy use.

Therabody’s smallest massager is a perfectly capable and powerful device, but we only recommend it if you absolutely need the smallest possible item to fit in your bag. We tried the first generation Mini, not this one, but they are the same size and shape. It can be difficult to use on your own back, especially if you’re already in pain. If price is what you’re looking for, the newest The relief is $150.

The image may contain a tire and a sphere

Wave duo

Photography: Therabody

Foam rolling helps stretch and release tight muscles. You can get a standard foam roller for around $20, but all three versions from Therabody also incorporate percussive vibrations. The Wave Duo, which we tested, and Solo for $59 ($20 off) are intended for portability and targeted treatment, and the Roller, reduced to $99 ($55 off)is closer in design to a traditional foam roller and works great for your back or other larger areas.

Self-care device deals

Therabody glasses on blue background

SmartGoggles Eye Massager

Photography: Therabody

I love Therabody SmartGoggles (9/10, WIRED recommends). Through vibration, massage, and heat, it relaxes your eyes and temples, whether you’re stressed, have a headache, or just trying to relax for sleep. But it also forces me to disconnect and relax my brain. I tested a similar one Gravity eye massage it’s $99. It’s a solid dupe at a nicer price, but Therabody has some advantages, like a more luxurious design, and the material that touches your face is a softer faux leather. There is also an app that supports fine-tuning heat and vibration levels. This matches the price we saw last Prime Day.

Therabody TheraFace Pro with various accessories

Photography: Therabody

Therabody may be best known for its muscle massagers, but it has also delved into the world of luxury skincare. THE TheraFace Pro is an expensive device that gently cleanses and massages your skin, with accessories for LED light therapy (red for wrinkles and blue for acne) and microcurrent to tighten the skin. It’s expensive for what it is, but it matches the sale we saw during Prime Day.

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