5 ways to direct your strength of mind and energy for the benefit of others

Strength of mind is one of the main characteristics that help to move on, no matter what. Thanks to this trait, a person can overcome difficulties that would break the rest even in half. If you have the power of the spirit, it is worth sharing it with others. Of course, this is not material, and you cannot just take and give part of your superpower to another person. However, there are several ways to channel this energy for the benefit of others. 

1 Set an example

Every person, no matter how independent he is, is looking for an idol. For some, this is an astronaut; for others, a blogger. One thing unites them – the strength of the spirit in the eyes of the follower. Since he could reach such heights, he deserves a kind of worship. 

Having the strength of mind, you can also become a role model, especially for the younger generations. Therefore, it is worth doing more good deeds and showing that assertiveness, concentration, determination, and activity can move mountains. Of course, not everyone will immediately become your follower, considering you a sensei. But believe me, at least one person will improve thanks to your efforts. This fact alone is enough to keep giving others the right example. 

You may have begun to scroll through your head, thinking, “what should I do to set the right example? What character traits should be demonstrated.” We will make your work easier because there are only three most important traits for this: justice, honesty, and conscientiousness. They are enough to delight others and inspire respect, even among enemies. 

2 Provide moral support to less confident people 

Fortitude implies self-confidence and understanding that you are not an empty place and are superior to those around you in some way. However, less confident people do not have this feeling. Moreover, they are in a constant, vicious circle of doubts that pressure their consciousness and prevent them from developing. 

5 ways to direct your strength of mind and energy for the benefit of others

You can share your strength of mind – with appropriate compliments and encouragement. If you have insight, it will be easy for you to calculate the merits of each person and emphasize them if the situation requires it. It would seem that simple words like “you will succeed, you are so capable,” but how sincerely they are said will energize an insecure person. 

If you want, you can gamify this task by turning it into an achievement. For example, you need to say five sincere daily compliments to different people. In addition to the fact that in this way you will improve the mood of others, it will help you change for the better because you will begin to notice positive qualities more and more often. 

3 Stand up for the weak 

Is it enough to have impressive dimensions and a face as if carved out of stone so as not to become the object of attack? Of course not, because history knows many examples when people who at first glance seemed defenseless and even ridiculous easily suppressed the strong. It doesn’t matter how big your muscles are or whether you have a weapon. A person with high grit will be able to suppress anyone, except perhaps equal to him in the same characteristics. 

5 ways to direct your strength of mind and energy for the benefit of others

However, the power of the spirit should never be used to commit atrocities because this only increases the suffering, which is already enough in this world. If you want to use your strength of mind for good, stand up for the weak. By weakness, we mean not so much the physical as the psychological component. At work, they bully a colleague, and this is unfair. Stand up for him. The customer at the checkout is rude to the cashier? Put the aggressor in his place. 

Of course, you must understand the security boundaries and not run like a superhero into a mob armed with knives to stand up for the girl they surrounded. But if there is no danger to your health and life, you cannot just stand aside. 

4 Share your successful experience 

If something gives an advantage, such knowledge is unlikely to be shared. It’s all about humanity’s selfish nature because evolution has ingrained in us a craving for competition and leadership. However, we are no longer those semi-intelligent creatures with loincloths and sharpened sticks in our hands, and we cannot follow our instincts by indulging in selfishness. 

5 ways to direct your strength of mind and energy for the benefit of others

Instead, if you have the strength of mind and want to use this quality for the benefit of others, you can share your successful experience with other members of society. It can be useful knowledge, wisdom, life lessons learned, everything that will help those less adapted to the surrounding reality to perk up, not to step on a rake that may break them psychologically. 

Remember that you were just lucky in some ways to be born the way you are. Yes, you have worked hard on your personality, but some traits just got you through genetics, which millions of others do not have. Therefore, it is worth turning off selfishness and an innate sense of rivalry so that others can also bask in the rays of glory. 

5 unite singles 

Even though the modern digital society looks like a monolithic alloy, it is a set of singles who are increasingly moving away from each other. Yes, people are constantly surrounded by information and communication, but do they feel united? Hardly. In our world, everything is mixed up, and each of us is an opinion leader and a simple listener who longs to be directed in the right direction. 

If you have a high grit, you will most likely have leadership inclinations, even if you don’t notice it. Develop them, and become the one who will unite people for any reason, whether it is a passion for board games or a desire to make this world a better place. Millions of people yearn to be heard and understood to feel oneness with society. This is how you can help others.

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