5 Best MagSafe Power Banks for iPhones (2023): High Capacity, Slim, Kickstands

Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Power Bank for $50: With a capacity of 5,000 mAh and a convenient kickstand, this MagSafe power bank is decent. I like the color choice (especially the purple), but the magnets seem a little weak and the kickstand works better in landscape (it seems unstable in portrait). It was nowhere near a full charge for my iPhone 14 Pro.

Bezalel Prelude XR Wireless Power Bank for $100: Bezalel’s Smart X Series includes two MagSafe power banks and a wireless charging jack. The XR, which I tested, has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, while the smaller X ($80) makes do with 5,000 mAh. The XR is bulky and the kickstand feels flimsy, but it offers more than enough power to fully charge an iPhone 14 Pro. Both power banks charge iPhones at 7.5 watts and other Qi wireless phones at up to 15 watts, and you can also place your AirPods on the other side to charge at 3 watts. They also have USB-C ports that can deliver 20 watts. The XS Compact Wall Charger ($60) supports MagSafe and 27-watt wired charging.

Moft Snap Stand Power Bundle for $79: I like the soft faux leather finish, and this power bank feels comfortable in the hand and looks great, but the 3400mah capacity only added 41% to my iPhone 14 Pro. It comes with a magnetically attached foldable stand and wallet, with perhaps enough room for a few cards or emergency cash. I like that it attaches separately so you can ditch the power bank when it’s dead and still keep the stand; it just doesn’t offer enough power.

UAG Lucent Power Kickstand for $60: This MagSafe power bank has a curved design with a soft-touch coating and a sturdy metal kickstand. Unfortunately, the capacity is only 4,000 mAh, and yet it’s as large as some higher capacity options, or even larger. It added just under 60% to my iPhone 14 Pro, charging wirelessly at 7.5 watts. USB-C goes up to 18 watts, but you can get better power and performance for your money.

Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini for $45: This 5,000 mAh capacity power bank works well, but it’s a little larger than it should be. It works with MagSafe iPhones but comes with an optional attachment for non-MagSafe phones. Mophie Snap+ Powerstation Stand ($70) offers double the capacity and a kickstand, but it’s bulky.

RapidX Boosta Power Bank for $40: Available in select vibrant colors, this MagSafe power bank offers 5,000mAh of power and there’s an optional charging stand with a USB-C jack that you can slide it onto. This portable charger added a respectable 76% to my iPhone 14 Pro’s battery, but USB-C wired charging is limited to 10 watts.

HyperJuice Wireless Magnetic Battery for $50: Yet another 5,000mAh MagSafe power bank, the HyperJuice looks pretty nice with four LEDs and a round power button on the back, but the USB-C port is limited to 12 watts, and it doesn’t only managed to get my iPhone 14 Pro up to 71 percent.

Apple MagSafe Battery for $99: Sleek and featuring a secure MagSafe handle, Apple’s power bank only charges at 5 watts, meaning it charges slower than others on this list, although you can charge it boost up to 15 watts by plugging in a Lightning cable. This slower charging means less heat, which could help with battery longevity. Too bad it has a ridiculously low capacity of 2,920 mAh and is, unsurprisingly, expensive.

Alogic Matrix Universal Magnetic Power Bank for $60: This lightweight 5,000mAh magnetic power bank has an awkward angular look, but that’s because it’s designed to slide into a 2-in-1 dock ($100)A 3-in-1 dock ($140)and one some car docks ($60), a bit like the Anker 633 above. Unfortunately, one of the Alogic batteries I tested failed and refused to charge. The one that worked managed to add 74% to my iPhone 14 Pro’s battery.

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