5 Best Folding Phones (2023): Flip Phones, Book-Like Folds, Cheap

Maybe you are laugh while reading this. Folding phones? Really? Aren’t they just gimmicks? I’m here to tell you that they are damn useful. And yes, there are now quite a few of them that you have choice to choose. Foldable phones are an evolution of the traditional single screen glass plate we have all been using for almost two decades.

They mainly come in two different forms: a foldable flip phone or a book-shaped foldable phone, allowing you to either relive the glory days of a small phone or expand your multitasking options on the go. The best foldable phone will be a personal decision, arguably even more so than a traditional smartphone, as it depends on the style you prefer. Anyway, I’ve tested almost all of these phones, and these are my favorites.

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Things to know before buying

They are more fragile than normal phones. Foldable phones have many more parts than a normal smartphone, let alone a hinge. Companies advertise the number of folds these devices have been tested for (usually around 200,000 or 500,000 folds), but a single drop can be extremely damaging. They’re also not as dust resistant and some aren’t as water resistant (almost none of them). they are classified IP78), so you will need to be particularly careful. Use a case and it might be worth investing in the manufacturer’s device care policy.

Do not remove the built-in screen protector. Most of these foldable phones have a film on the interior screen. You might be tempted to remove it, but don’t, it could damage the screen. The packaging usually contains instructions telling you not to remove it and how to care for your device.

There is a small learning curve for the software. Foldable flip phones are pretty simple, but book-shaped foldable phones that double as tablets have some new multitasking tricks that will take some getting used to if you want to get the most out of them. I recommend that you take the time to go through these features to understand how they work.

They are expensive. Do you really need it? Person needs a foldable phone. If you think you’ll benefit from this, be aware that they frequently have discounts during big sale events like Black Fridayand you can also save a few hundred dollars if you trade in an eligible device.

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