25 interesting facts about friendship

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Sometimes being in different situations, for example, dangerous, if friends are around, can begin to seem safe. This is both good and bad at the same time. Why? Because sometimes, the situation being dangerous can lead to sad consequences. In a different scenario, everything is really good because friendship is an “engine.” In other words, sometimes, in the company of friends, we become capable of more of what we cannot do alone. And this is a fact.

Some studies show that the strongest and most lasting friendships in ordinary people are formed and developed in the period of life from 15 to 30 years. Think of the frequent change of friends and girlfriends in your junior high school years or the problems with establishing relationships with other people after thirty. Do you understand what we are talking about? And so are we.

Approximately 50% of the people we consider friends are not. It’s sad, but it’s true. And this is partly because we are not able to accurately enough “identify” friends and distinguish them from mere “rogues.” The reason for this can also be considered the tendency of some people to become emotionally attached to others, especially under regular close contact.

What do you think can make any marriage durable and strong? Correctly! This is friendship! And this fact is confirmed by the practice of psychologists: they note that when you work with couples in which men and women are friends, there are much fewer difficulties and problems. Therefore, forget about “wrappers,” about anything else, and look for a friend (girlfriend). And your marriage will be happy and strong!

25 interesting facts about friendship

The views of men and women on friendship as such are not the same. The former cannot imagine friendly relations without joint activities and common interests. Women are most concerned about the fact of intimacy and emotional richness. These are not rules, but statistics allow us to say that more often than not, this is the case.

Scientists believe that each person’s permanent friends decrease sharply after about 25 years. But it’s not about the fact that this is some “magic switch,” but that if, for example, people of the same age were friends and often spent time together, then around the indicated time they will start to have families, they will have to work and Not only. All this gradually alienates many former, even best friends from each other.

Children are more likely to consider aspects such as appearance, status, and so on when choosing friends, although it may seem that everything is not so. Adults almost do not pay attention to this because they understand that something else is important, especially in friendships and relationships. We all evaluate others, as they say, first of all, “by clothes.” But this does not change the fact.

Friendship affects the duration and quality of life. Lonely elderly people live much less than their “comrades-in-arms” who have friends. A permanent partner may be enough if the union is based on the principles of friendship. Therefore, we do not recommend getting involved in loneliness. Be friends!

25 interesting facts about friendship

If the friendship itself is real, any of our friends affect us greatly. On behavior, character, and even habits. Sometimes this mechanism works without our will to do so or any appropriate decision. Everything happens by itself: being friends is like looking in a mirror and taking the reflection for granted. In friendship, everything is exactly the same as in the example shown.

One of the most useful forms of friendship is friendship with colleagues. Even one friend in the workplace will be enough to increase your performance and productivity at times. Scientists explain this by the fact that the opportunity to “exchange a few words” with a friend at least several times a day, subject to physical contact, is something that distracts from the routine and allows you to refresh your mind.

Little guys, who are about 3-6 years old, consider all the people interacting with them without exception to be their friends. The fact is that within the specified age range, children are not able to understand friendship as such in all its aspects. And that is why they are the most friendly conditional category of people.

They say there can be no friendship between a man and a woman. And this is a fact. Or not? Of course not! Remember the example concerning the practice of psychologists: married couples, where partners are first of all friends, and only then lovers and everything else, are the strongest. Yes, friendship outside of a love relationship in this context often allows us to talk about the presence of warm feelings in one of the parties, but this is not the rule.

The reasons people strive for the possession of friends and friendship are such; so far, not a single researcher can find and substantiate. Someone says that one should look for a social background in the form of needs; someone believes it’s all about stereotypes and attitudes. What do you think? What drives us to make friends?

25 interesting facts about friendship

Friendship in any of the likely scenarios will only be true when the following criteria are met: voluntary participation in friendly relations between the parties, equality, willingness to give in, and compromise. In other situations, it is not worth talking about friendship. For example, when one controls and the other obeys, this is not friendship. And the parties’ interests or motives do not play a role. This is often a painful relationship.

Of the total number of friends with whom we have relationships in one way or another throughout our lives, only 7-9% remain with us, withstanding a kind of conditional test of time. This is, let’s say, eight people out of 100. And out of these eight, only 1-2 will be real and close, and the rest will be just a “background.”

Suppose friendship is characterized by what is pleasant for the parties of friendly relations in every sense and “poor” in disputes, conflicts, and misunderstandings. In that case, it has an extremely positive effect on the human condition.

Do you know what introverts and extroverts are? The former often prefer loneliness; they are fixated on the inner world. The second is the opposite: they are interested in the external aspects of life. But the point is different: most often, introverts choose the same friends as themselves. Extroverts do the same; they are much more willing to make friends with “like-minded” people.

Some studies confirm that people don’t believe in social media friendships. Approximately 85-90% of people who regularly and often use social networks for a long time note that they have never been able to build normal friendly relations with virtual “friends.” Only 10-15 people speak about the presence of real and permanent friendships on the network. And these are mostly children and teenagers.

25 interesting facts about friendship

Friendship as an ability is inherent not only in humans but also in animals. An example is sharks. They, like dolphins, for example, even being in flocks, which is very interesting, are divided into conditional groups of 2-3 “friends.”

There is the so-called clumsiness effect, which in the context of friendship is often considered a factor that is a “tool” for ensuring attractiveness for a particular person. Scientists have proven that we are more likely to choose clumsy friends as friends. Although they are such, in many cases are only in our subjective ideas.

Do you know what the phrase “bosom friend” really means? Think it’s about strong friendship? No. And we didn’t know it either. The “roots” of the phrase relate to alcohol and drunkards. Once upon a time, the latter spoke this way about their “partners” in drinking because they were most often “poured over Adam’s apple” with them.

Approximately 7 out of 10 people experience parting with friends, especially forced, much harder than the same with relatives.

Speaking of animals as creatures capable of friendship, it should be noted that they, like people, are all tied to social activity. And the latter depends in the context of animal friendship on the position taken by individuals.

25 interesting facts about friendship

They say that opposites attract. Some people tend to think that this is how things work in friendship. But everything is different. And in simple friendships, and in those in which there is a place for love. Conditional associates would never be such, provided that people would have nothing in common. The principle only works in the case of magnets.

If the child’s parents have many friends and often meet with them, the likelihood that the child will be prone to friendliness becomes high. This is a simple and obvious fact because children are almost like sponges. They look at their parents in the first years of life and imitate them later during their development and formation as individuals.


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