14 Great Gifts for Mom: Ideas for the Mother in Your Life

The category of “Mom” encompasses a huge amount of variety. There are moms like me, coming out of that first year of diapers and lack of sleep, and slowly getting back to their hobbies and free time. There are moms balancing teens and three-year-olds simultaneously (and those moms are stronger than I will ever be). And there are moms who might have an empty one next, but you always call to ask how long you really cook the chicken. This guide has something for everyone, hopefully covering tools that make motherhood a little easier, so she can enjoy it when the kids are finally in bed.

Looking for other real motherhood tools to give to your favorite mom? We have guides on everything from draws milk And strollers has the best baby equipment for this first year.

Updated November 2023: We added

Adrienne So and other members of the Gear team have contributed to this guide in the past.

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